Introducing the Rely Product Line | Affordable Security Made Easy

2GIG Rely is built to secure your world, not break your bank.Whatever your needs are

2GIG Rely is built to secure your world, not break your bank.

2GIG Rely is designed to provide professional grade security at a price any homeowner can afford, security should never be rigid.

Whether living in a dorm, condo or an apartment, 2GIG Rely keeps you safe.

The Rely system is designed to be sleek in size to cover
a variety of home types, keeping you safe when home or away.

Perfect for your vacation home, even when you can’t be there.

2GIG Rely is a perfect solution to protect your cabin or beach house when you can’t be there.

2GIG Rely can grow as your life changes.

Panel Features

  • Add up to 16 sensors, including security or life safety devices like smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Supports up to 8 users, so everyone in your family can have their own code
  • Can be wall mounted, or on any surface using the provided desk mount stand

App Features

  • Helps you install the system with easy step- by-step instructions and videos
  • See the current status of the system
  • Arm the system when you are leaving or home for the night
  • Disarm the system when you come home

2GIG Rely can move to your next home and be reinstalled using the same panel and sensors. 2GIG Rely sensors also connect to other 2GIG systems, allowing you to upgrade your system in the future.

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2GIG Rely Security System

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Sign up to be a Rely Dealer

More information on each backend:

2GIG has contracted with AvantGuard to handle all onboarding and billing for our backend.  There’s no fee to become a dealer, no minimum monthly volume and no activation fees.

Please select one of the following options to sign-up to become a Rely dealer using the 2GIG backend:

  1. If you’re an existing AvantGuard Dealer; call 866-880-9591. Email or contact your Dealer Care Representative directly
  2. If you’re not a current AvantGuard Dealer; call 801-781-6147 (office), 770-298-3074 (cell) or email

For the 2GIG Rely app, Customers/Dealers can search “2GIG Rely” from Google Play or App Store or they can follow the links below:

2GIG Rely on On Google Play Store:
2GIG Rely on App Store:

2GIG has partnered with SecureNet to provide backend services for the Rely platform.  There’s no fee to become a dealer, no minimum monthly volume and no activation fees.

Please do the following to sign-up to become a Rely dealer using the SecureNet backend:

  1. If you’re monitoring through a 3rd party central station, simply contact your CS to get setup.  The full list of supported Central Stations can be found at:

Note: If you do not see your CS on the list or you have your own in-house monitoring, you can contact SecureNet to add your CS.  There is no charge for your CS to get setup with SecureNet, but your CS will need to load SecureNet’s virtual receiver software and run through some test signals.

To contact SecureNet directly; call 407-965-1655 or email

For the SecureNet Rely app: Customers/Dealers can search “Smartlink+” from from Google Play or App Store. Note they have two versions 1) Smartlink, and 2) Smartlink+. Users should use Smartlink+