“People don’t have any clue who we are,” says Todd Santiago, president of 2GIG Technologies in Lehi. “People are going to see us on this list and say, ‘Umm, who?’” So without further ado … Utah Valley, meet 2GIG, a developer and producer of security and home automation systems. They’re only the No. 1 fastest-growing business in the county. (No big deal.) But in origin, this No. 1 gig started with two. Namely, 2 Guys In a Garage. “The name came from our two founders — Lance Dean and Scott Simon. At their previous company, Lance and Scott were always told not to worry about new startups because it was just two guys in a garage.” Sixty-five employees, $131 million in revenue and installations in more than 700,000 homes by the end of 2012? Worry away. For full coverage, click all 3 links below.

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