CDMA Cell Radio (U.S. – Verizon)

ADC – Verizon Cell Module

The Cell Radio Module is a snap‐in cell radio that provides 2‐way‐voice to a Central Station, transmits security information to online portals, and delivers the latest Over‐The‐Air firmware updates to the 2GIG Control Panel.

This model number is changing to 2GIG-GCCDMVX-A and will now include the 2GIG-ANT3X in the box with the cell radio.


  • CDMA cellular telephone module
  • Provides 2-way voice communication
  • Works on Verizon network
  • Plugs into GC2 Panel
  • U.S. only
  • Compatible with
  • Includes ANT3X antenna

Model Number: 2GIG-GCCDMV-A (discontinued) / 2GIG-GCCDMVX-A

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –