2GIG Vario Wireless Kit w/LCDPROX

2GIG Vario Wireless Kit w/KEYPROX (2GIG-VAR-KIT2)

Vario Kit 2 was created to offer the Dealer the best of both words, as a solution for both hardwire and wireless sensors.  Kit 2 offers the Elegant Keypad with Prox, which offers fully programmable text with capacitive touch buttons for a fully customizable solution that offers effortless control.

Kit includes:

1 2GIG-VAR-BOX (Polycarbonate Box for Vario)

1 2GIG-VAR-BRD (2GIG Vario Main Board)

1 2GIG-VAR-KEYPROXWHT (2GIG Vario White Elegant Keypad w/Prox)

1 2GIG-VAR-RECU (2GIG Vario 345 MHz Wireless Receiver)

1 2GIG-VAR-AC5 (2GIG Vario 14.4VDC 1.7A PS Power Supply)

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