Exceptional Security & Control – Now with Smart Areas.
2GIG’s easiest and most intuitive security & control platform has just gotten better. With the release of firmware version 3.2, 2GIG added new smart area partitioning features that are easy to set up and use. 2GIG also made the 7” user interface screens easier to use by making the most important functions even more accessible.


2GIG Smart Areas represents a new approach to partitioning, addressing the pain points of installers and end users with a new way of setting up and using partitions. With 2GIG Smart Areas, the GC3 becomes the first all-in-one wireless security panel in the market to enable partitioning without requiring add-on modules.

For installers, the GC3 streamlines the setup process. Device enrollments have been simplified, with all parameters displayed on the screen for quick scanning, saving time.

For end users, 2GIG Smart Areas security system is a one-touch solution. Users can access any partition/smart area with appropriate authorization. ‘Arm/Disarm’ and ‘Emergency/Panic’ functions can be accessed quickly. From any menu, tapping the ‘Home’ button immediately returns to the ‘Arm/Disarm’ screen. Past partitioning examples required users to swipe from screen to screen.

The simplified user interface reduces confusion and frustration for users who may not interact with their security system every day. With the common tasks upfront, it’s easy to select without having to memorize. Unique sound options for each smart area have been added for further ease of use, as they will quickly alert the user to possible issues in the zones that match that unique sound.

Smart Areas

GC3 Smart Areas

The new GC3 user interface adds the Smart Areas functionality directly to the main screen, making it easy to access and arm/disarm areas of the home or building.


  • First self-contained partitioning panel on the market: no modules that require additional set up
  • Simplified installation process: Device enrollments are easy, with parameters displayed on the screen for quick scanning
  • Easy user interface: no more swiping from screen to screen to find the most important commands


  • Easy setup: control access for kids, renters, guests and service visitors
  • Simplified user interface: easy to find top commands and access ‘smart area’ partitions
  • Unique sounds: each smart area’s sound helps pinpoint any alert or notification
  • Added peace of mind: with intuitive, easy to use 2GIG Smart Areas™


Enabling up to 4 completely independent areas for partitioning, the 2GIG Smart Areas security system creates unique areas for safes/vaults, garages, swimming pool areas, rental rooms and other areas a homeowner or business owner needs to manage independently. Unique access codes can be set up for these areas so that one member of the house may have access to some areas while another (child, renter, guest) may not. All alerts and notifications for each smart area are displayed independently – just as if these were 4 unique systems. Global life safety alerts such as carbon monoxide, smoke and fire can be displayed system-wide.

There are many use cases for 2GIG Smart Areas security systems for both home and light commercial use, and these use cases are enhanced with 2GIG® Notification Sensors, GoControl® smart devices and the Alarm.com app and website. They include:


Package Delivery

Have packages delivered at home in the garage while people are away. Close the garage and re-arm with Alarm.com app.


Valuables – Gun Safe/Safe

Keep valuables and guns protected with other by arming a section of the room where safes, guns or vaults are located.

Guest Suite

In-Law or Guest Suite

In-laws or live-in guests can independently arm/disarm from your main house. Enhance lifestyle with creating scenes to control 2GIG Z-Wave smart lights and switches from alarm.com app.

Vacation House

Vacation Rentals/Short-Term Room Rentals

Rent a spare room, or a vacation home on Airbnb and manage security with temporary guest access and smart locks.

Swimming Pool

Child Safety by the pool

Secure the swimming pool or spa area to help reduce the risk of drowning accidents. Stay compliant in California, where newly-built pools and spas now require at least one safety measure, including an alarm.

Barn or Tool Shed

Keep people away from equipment, or even protect your man-cave by creating a Smart Areas with a 2GIG outdoor sensor for these sections of a home or property.

Medicine cabinet

Keep medicine away from kids by creating a Medicine Cabinet Area. Keep medicine cabinet armed at all times. Notification is also sent to the master user if unauthorized access is attempted



Secure valuables in the Manager’s office to reduce the risk of thefts while keeping the common areas disarmed during business hours.


Doctor’s Office

Keep doctors’ offices independently armed when not being used, while keeping the rest of common areas disarmed during business hours. With Smart Areas, doctors can keep their medicine and controlled substances areas protected and out of reach.

2GIG Smart Areas™ is also compatible with the new 2GIG notification sensors. These sensors warn users of potential trouble, such as water leakage, a stove or grill left on, gun movement, and other possible events. 2GIG notification sensors expand the 2GIG circle of protection, providing additional peace of mind to property owners.

The smart area partitioning feature is available via OTA or USB for existing GC3 owners and new GC3 panel buyers.

With 2GIG Smart Areas security systems, the benefits of partitioned security are now available to more home and business owners in an easy-to-use, stand-alone wireless system.

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